Humor Ornament/ Gift Tag/Bottle Tag

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Each Tag is printed with a funny saying in Gold writing. Choose 1 of 8 Sayings to dress up your gifts to others. Comprised of wood composite and a ribbon for hanging, this ornament/tag is Designed and Printed in the USA!

  • Orange/Don't Worry I Kept The Receipt
  • Red/I Lost The Receipt, So you better Love it
  • Pink/Spoiler Alert This Wasn't on Your Wish List
  • Purple/Best Gift Ever. I should know I Bought It
  • Green/If you don't like it...I'll Take it. Just Saying
  • Blue/ Behold the present of your dreams
  • Aqua/Relax...At least it's not underwear
  • Black/It's the thought that counts...Right?
DIA: 3.5"